It’s Here!

After a gap of more than four weeks, we have been reunited with our little car. It was picked up form our house on Tuesday 29th March and arrived safely in Rabat, Malta on Friday 29th April. In between, it has been resting on dock-sides in Southampton and Italy or travelling on the high seas.

Car Just Arrived

Looks Odd in Maltese Plates

We don’t normally mention people by name on the blog but have to make an exception for Charles and Doreen of Oracle Services who handled the import of the car into Malta for us. They were in continuous contact with us from well before the car left England. Importing a car into Malta is a rather tedious and bureaucratic process, and can be quite difficult,  intimidating even, if you are not familiar with the procedures involved. Charles and Doreen made the whole thing completely painless and we would strongly recommend them to anyone moving significant items into or out of Malta.

We took final delivery on Friday afternoon, just as Jaqui was at last willing to be pulled away from the television and the Royal wedding! So it was off to Golden bay for a simple dinner on the beach in the little restaurant which sits right down on the sand. We were both in a Maltese mood and had rabbit pie.

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  1. The embrace of the vicarious life is hard to resist and certainly of epidemic proportions among my step daughters friends. Beautifully crafted and you seem to be having fun
    As always, slightly bewildered

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